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When sending 'items' via SOAP, error received

Guest Ruafo

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I have a PHP website that I'm attempting to send commands via SOAP to the core. It has no problem handing commands like resetting password, etc.

However when I try and send an item, I get:

WorldSocket::handle_input_header: client sent malformed packet size = 20559 , cmd = 790647891

Here is the command string I'm trying to send:

send items TestPlayer1 "Items added" "Attached are the items you requested from the website" 2909:1

That SHOULD send 1 Red Wool Bandana

Any thoughts?

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I got one! Skip the :1 then you go into the mangos consolde and try to run this command manually and see what output you get =)

Syntax: .send items #playername "#subject" "#text" itemid1[:count1] itemid2[:count2] ... itemidN[:countN]

Send a mail to a player. Subject and mail text must be in "". If for itemid not provided related count values then expected 1, if count > max items in stack then items will be send in required amount stacks. All stacks amount in mail limited to 12.

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