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There is a spell 47214 with the effect SPELL_EFFECT_PERSISTENT_AREA_AURA, which imposes an aura SPELL_AURA_PERIODIC_DUMMY.

Cast is possible for the two entry of NPC, respectively, have different effects.

The kernel code can not be attached to the NPC, and therefore need a script type 2 diabetes, but there is treatment effect was not found.

I tried to write to existing treatments dummi effects in type 2 diabetes, but nothing worked.

Wrote the script for the AI, but ran into a problem that the AI does not work out of the starter-code Spell.cpp:

           if (m_spellInfo->Effect[effIndex] == SPELL_EFFECT_PERSISTENT_AREA_AURA)

Another school of the animation: cast on the target is at once rather than at the end of the animation.

And this is not the first spell with this problem.

How can we solve these problems?

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