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Greetings from Papua New Guinea

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Hello everyone,

I currently live and volunteer at a hospital in a remote mountain area of Papua New Guinea. I have had a paid WoW account for over 5 years but after moving here, the internet is not able to handle playing WoW. I lived here for 7 months now and will probably be here for another 17 months. I have really been missing WoW though and have been finding ways to keep my interest in it. I played through the entire Warcraft 3 campaign and have been purchasing Warcraft books for my Kindle to read.

I recently had the idea of looking for a way to play WoW offline and that led me to this site! From reading, it sounds like the kind of program I would want but I have a couple of questions.

How much programming/database knowledge do you need to have to use this? I have done some beginner C++ and Java programming before so I have a little knowledge but I wanted to make sure I would be able to handle it. I also read on a different site that you can download a "repack" of this code which cuts a lot of the difficulty out of it. Is there a good repack of this code that includes the latest edition and I won't have to worry about containing some kind of backdoor/tojan/etc?

My other questions is whether or not I would be able to play with my friend here who also enjoys playing WoW. If we connect through a crossover cable, is it possible that we can play together? Would we both be able to play our characters separate as well or would we have to be connected every time we want to play?

Thanks for the info!


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