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Change paypal to another payment system on mangosweb enhanced


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I wanted to use mangosweb enhanced as my website. ( i have to say i'm impressed by it, very easy to setup, and much easier to use and edit, great job really ).

But unfortunatly paypal is blocking people using specific ips ( such as my countery's ip ( so sad :( ) ), and i wanted to use another payment method which is more suitable for me and my friends ( and thier friends too ;) ).

So as i mentioned i wanted to change the payment method, but my knowledge about PHP, or any other web based language is really poor. But for someone with skills i guess it takes less than 10 minute ( maybe less )

I put here the download link for my paypal's alternative payment method. And it's written by and for PHP.

Thanks in advance.

Download link

And below is the original source from mangosweb enhanced, which is the main source about the paypal section.

Download link

And please note that i don't want the donation system get changed. I mean i want it to still save the donation amounts in the database.

And the $res's values are :

- "1" if the transaction colmpleted.

- "-1" if the informations are not correct.

- "0" if the transaction is not cmpleted.

- "-12" if the time spend on the transaction page is more than 20 minutes ( the eshops default agreement time )

I really appriate it if anyone can help.

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