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Where do we put threads for core modifications.

Auntie Mangos


There is the forum archive where you can grab all old threads. Nothing has been lost.

With regards to threads, split it by classic, TBC, and WotLK, and you're good to go. Since it is a core extension and we have no plugin system, feel free to dump the threads into the core section.

We'll be making some improvements to the forum structure within the next few days to adapt the structure to the communities needs.

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Great to see you're back online. Playerbot has had a presence on the GetMangos forum for quite sometime now and it has evolved over the years. As we are starting afresh, it might be a good time to make changes. Before we had one single thread that handled all support issues (It became very large and very unwieldy). I notice you have created separate sections for the various cores. As we now support Playerbot for MaNGOS Zero (classic), MaNGOS One (tbc) & MaNGOS Two (wotlk) is seem appropriate that we have separate Playerbot threads for each core too.

Is it possible to recover any of the data from our two threads (Playerbot - active & Playerbot - archive closed) from the previous forum.

Long live MaNGOS and everyone who contributes.


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