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Handle all NPC, even when no player has is proximity




I am currently developing a custom battleground in mangos.

In this battleground, I have a script with scriptdev2 creature that has spawn interval regulate other NPC.

The problem I have is that when are too far away from the NPC, the server uses the "pause" in some way and so he stopped to invoke.

I tried to increase visibility in the configuration file but it is still too little.

Anyone know what part of it I can modify the source code for the server to handle all NPC in the battleground, even when no player has is proximity?

I've already tried to compile by changing several piece of code in the core (void Map::AddToActive, void Map::RemoveFromActive, ActiveState::Update, ...), but I did not find where it is managed.

Sorry for my bad English.

Thank you for reading.

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Thank you for your help.

I know only basic scriptdev2, I tried to find a script of a NPC that works even when no player is in the area to learn how to set as active the NPC, but I did not find the NPC that works like that.

Or is it possible to change this in the core?

I struggle to find myself in the sources.

And I'm sorry if I posted my message in the wrong category, I had not seen "Help & Support".

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