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Hello all,

I'v got an unusual question : how can we reverse update?

I'v just update from UDB 401 to 404 and I'v got problems.

I have created quests, npc and objects with Quice on my 401 server, and since my update in 404 UDB version things dont work like they should.

For example on several objects we can have special spells trigered on the object. This doesn't work any more. I have the message my character doesn't have the ability to use the object when he can equip it :/

Also when I launch Quice to check the detail of the object, I have the message : Item out of bound (10)

Also I dont have like I used to have a list of spells on Quice to put on my objects.

Either someone here understands the problem and has a solution or I would prefer reversing to my previous version: UDB 401

What would be the procedure to do that? I guess it's no use to take my saved Mangos file, it wont work with the new version of the core.

Thanks for any advise!

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