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git push?

Guest invliD

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I'm feeling like a noob because I just don't get it-.-

how to do commits?

I already understood how to do them locally.. "git add" the files, then "git commit"

but when I try "git push" or "git push origin master", there's just an error...

$ git push origin master

ERROR: Permission to mangos/mangos denied to invliD.

fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I'm able to connect to [email protected] via ssh -v, so my pub key works, but git doesn't..

any ideas?

I'm using vista ultimate x86...

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well, I already complied with 1, 3 and 4... but if I can't push to the original project how can all the others?
Only few people can push to origin, the reason you see many authors is because the author of the commit is shown instead of the person who pushed the commit. So for example you make a commit on your own fork, you give me a link to it, and if it's something that's good to be added, I can cherry-pick it from your fork and push it, your name will be shown as the author even though you were not the one who pushed it to origin.
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