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[zero] mobs won`t shoot



all the npc`s that shoot just stand in place.

they aggro and target, turn when i move but they wont shoot or mele when i get closer.

any idear what may be causing this ?

ive checked the spells they use, most of them use spell 6660 but not all of them.

i dont know where to start looking.

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I have had something similar happen on mangos-one. some mobs shoot, but I have seen a few just stand there, and they turn as you move, but they don't shoot (weapon or spells) nor attack. this doesn't happen all the time. was doing dwarf quest in frostmane, to fully explore it. some kciked my butt, others just stood there, turning as you move.

EDIT: they will start melee attack if you get close enough...

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known problem with ACID and Phasing system.

U can easly check if your creature has EventAI ...

... if u're using UDB go and check creature "Razormane Hunter" in Barrens - and pls check if they will stuck even once? (i made fix for them without phase system)

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