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Help a noob creating a Mangos zero server (old G5)



Hi all! I have an old PowerMac G5 with enough ram to be used as a server, and i was thinking trying mangos to plays sometimes with friends, we were all WOW players years ago.

We like the idea of a vanilla WOW (1.21) with mangos zero, but sadly i'm not experiences in compiling, mangos and other things needed, i'm a computer geek, technician but i'm quite noob with this stuff anyway.

So i've download mangos zero and it sists in my download, do i need xcode to compile it? First of all, can the server run on PPC cpu?

Thanks in advance to all who will help me!!!

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You can use mangos on PPC powered systems, and Mac should have gcc on board if you install the OS X development kit. I have an old G4 myself on which I installed OS X 10.3 with development kit. There are some build issues here, and you need to install CMake manually.

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Sure every suggestion is gold! I will download Homebrew.

I've quick read some guides in internet but i'm more confused than before how to set up all.

Now, the first step: compiling.

Do i simply need to type "make install" in Mangos source folder?

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