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[MaNGOS University] Supporting Other C++ Compilers

Unkle Nuke

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MaNGOS has support for compiling the core with GCC on Linux and Visual C++, 2008 and 2010, for Windows. We all know that.

There are other C++ compilers, some almost as popular as those mentioned above. I have often wondered why MaNGOS doesn't offer more support for open-source compilers for Windows, especially.

So let's hear from our community! Have you suceeded in compiling a working MaNGOS core with tools other than the three officially supported? Post how you did it!

Want to figure out what to do with <insert C++ compiler name> to get MaNGOS working? Let the community help here!

The goal of this topic is to make MaNGOS as ubiquitous as possible by allowing it to work with numerous C++ compilers.

Whether you prefer LCC, Intel C++, Open Watcom, MinGW, BCC, Borland Turbo C++, older versions of Visual C++, or whatever, let's all find out how to get our favorite server compiled with them. ;D

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After you posted the link for CLANG in the PseuWow thread, I went to the site and have become interested in trying it out.

For someone like me, who is new to that toolset, can you please post more detailed, step-by-step instruction regarding how you personally configure everything for compiling MaNGOS with CLANG?

I ask because we can't always assume students of MaNGOS University have much experience with compilers and programming.

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Okay, is there an easy way to setup CodeBlocks for MaNGOS and/or PseuWoW? I'm going to stuff about with some development on a Windows box for the thrills... :|

I guess what I'm asking is can I simply git-clone the code somewhere and point C::B to it as an existing project?

Which OS? I made it work fine on debian (used some C::B .deb repo i googled) Then i used cmake-gui to create C::B files. Worked very well =)

This is untested, but considering that the CMake files work fine, check this out: http://www.cmake.org/Wiki/CMake_Generator_Specific_Information#Code::Blocks_Generator

Worked well for me as well :D

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