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Spawning Creature Problem



Hey all,

I'm having a quiet simple problem.

I tried to create a own "spawning" commando.

Just to spawn a creature directly in front of me, lets say with the creature_template ID 68.

But always I spawn it (using the SummonCreature method from the class Creature),

my server immediately crushes, with no useful information in my logfiles.

Could anybody provide me a view lines of source in which function/file I could find the definition

for the creature spawning?

Thanks in advice.

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Obviously you have already some code.

And you have a question related to this code.

Unless somebody has a very powerfull crystal ball here, I think the most reasonable would be if you posted your patch here, so that it can be examined ;)

And i strongly suggest a patch format, because this would the easiest show all your changes of this - and give ppl the possiblity to reproduce (the error!) if wanted.

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@ LilleCarl:

The Spawn should be a summon which should stay multiple hours.

My Idea, for the spawn, is to create a new creature_template in the DB and spawn it.


Of course you will need it :(

Sorry, was late i totally forgot about it!

This is the code I'm using:


<         bool HandleArmyCommand(char* args);


<         { "army",            SEC_PLAYER,            false, &ChatHandler::HandleArmyCommand,               "", NULL },


< bool ChatHandler::HandleArmyCommand(char* args)
< {
<     if (!*args)
<     {
<         PSendSysMessage("|cffff0000usage: .army add");
<         SetSentErrorMessage(true);
<         return false;
<     }
<     char *cmd = strtok ((char *) args, " ");
<     std::string cmdStr = cmd;
<     if (cmdStr == "add")
<     {
<         PSendSysMessage("Adding");
<         Unit *target = NULL;
<         char *orderChar = strtok(NULL, " ");
<         PSendSysMessage("Added Infantry squadron");
<         uint32 id;
<         id = 68;//ID 68 = Stormwind City Guard
<         Player *chr = m_session->GetPlayer();
<         Creature* m_creature;
<         m_creature->SummonCreature( id, chr->GetPositionX() , chr->GetPositionY(), chr->GetPositionZ (), chr->GetOrientation() ,TEMPSUMMON_MANUAL_DESPAWN ,0);
<     }    
<     return true;
< }

(The codeboxes are actually pretty nice!)

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Silly me :(

Thanks for the hint with HandleNpcAddCommand, that helped indeed a lot!

Now the summon works and I can continue with my work.


And there is the next big questionmark on my road..

Adding the creature with "map ->Add (id)" makes it possible to add waypoints, but it does not get aggro by itself.

Adding the creature with "creature->SummonCreature() " it will be able to attack but not to add any waypoints :/

There must be a way to summon a creature, edit waypoints and getting aggro. But i couldn't find it :(

Creature Template ID 100.000 is a custom creature from me.

       uint32 id;
       id = 100000; //ID 68 = Stormwind City Guard
       CreatureInfo const *cinfo = ObjectMgr::GetCreatureTemplate(id);
       if (!cinfo)
           return false;

       Player *chr = m_session->GetPlayer();

       Map *map = chr->GetMap();

       Creature* m_creature = new Creature;

       CreatureCreatePos pos(chr, chr->GetOrientation());

       // used guids from specially reserved range (can be 0 if no free values)
       uint32 lowguid = sObjectMgr.GenerateStaticCreatureLowGuid();
       if (!lowguid)
           return false;

       if (!m_creature->Create(lowguid, pos,cinfo))
           delete m_creature;
           PSendSysMessage("|cffff0000 nicht so gut");
           return false;

       m_creature->LoadFromDB(lowguid, map);
       //! Has to be changed to an correct never respawn code.
       uint32  highrespawn = 9999999;

       m_creature->SummonCreature( id, chr->GetPositionX() , chr->GetPositionY(), chr->GetPositionZ (), chr->GetOrientation() ,TEMPSUMMON_DEAD_DESPAWN ,1);
       uint32 db_guid = m_creature->GetGUIDLow();

       // Move it
       sWaypointMgr.AddLastNode(lowguid, chr->GetPositionX(), chr->GetPositionY() + 2.0, chr->GetPositionZ(), chr->GetOrientation(), 0, 0);

Oh my.. It seems. I need to learn a view more thinks on mangos

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