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Client 3.3.5a

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Hi all,

Didn't want my first post to be a question, however my search of the current (and previous) forums has turned up nothing.

So - I have a Mac with v4 of the WoW client installed already. However, from what I've read, I will need the 3.3.5a client to be able to join a mangos server. Please correct me if I'm wrong?

1. Is there a centralised location to download the files from (a lot of Google searches turn up dead ends)?

2. The installer for TBC isn't Mac OS X 10.7 compatible. Is there an Intel installer available?

Thanks in advance guys.


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Thanks for the link Luda - very useful.

Sadly, I went with the Blizz upgrade, so don't have the install media for WoTLK (hence trying to install TBC and patch up from there), and it looks like the current download client from Blizz doesn't give you any options (whereas the previous downloader allowed WoTLK).

Looks like I'm snookered. :(

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Not really. There are a few places where you can download previous installers, such as this one. I can't guarantee they are ok though.

It should be able to download/install all clients, so select WoTLK. Just don't let it patch at the end up to 4.x! Then run each patch up to whatever version you need, and remember that after running each update, you don't let it patch up to 4.x! :P

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Already tried that one Evil - while the installer starts the download, the actual executable can't be run on 10.7. I think I may attack this in a different manner and install an older version of OS X in a VM and install to that. At least I'll get the game files. ;)

Thanks again.

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