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Question about 1.12.1 connection process



I don't know if this is the right place to post this but it seemed appropriate.

I have been following the mangos zero source to learn more about client server interaction but i have been doing all my code in c#.

The login server was relatively easy to figure out and I have mine working 100%. However, when I hand the client off to the realm, the following happens:

1. Client Connects

2. Server sends SMSG_AUTH_CHALLENGE and the random seed

3. Client responds with CMSG_AUTH_SESSION

4. This is where the issue i'm having occurs, If i try to respond with a packet such as AUTH_VERSION_MISMATCH, the client just sits there and does nothing

At what point is the connection encrypted? Is the client not responding because it expects AUTH_VERSION_MISMATCH to be encrypted?

Thanks in advance,

Tim Thompson

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1) may I assume you looked at http://getmangos.eu/bb/topic/88/mangos-university-login-walkthrough-using-mangos-and-pseuwow/ ?

2) src/game/WorldSocket.cpp line 657++ seem to indicate no encryption (As encryption is initialized around 811++ if I read this correctly)... have you checked that your packet is well-formed and actually sent? (using something like wireshark...)

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I cannot be sure, but 0x1D is AUTH_ALREADY_ONLINE - an error code mangos never seems to send. AUTH_VERSION_MISMATCH is 0x14

You can always try to connect to your server using pseuwow and see what it says about it - it certainly is more verbous then the original client ;)

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