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A suggestion to improuve the forum


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I thought that's why we have the code tags?

They preserve the formatting of posted code, but doesn't hide it. In fact, we actually want people to read the code, to understand what is being worked upon and, just maybe, get the itch to jump in and post some code of their own.

Still, your suggestion would improve the readability of the forums, but it would obfuscate one of the essential elements that we always want eveyone to be exposed to and remember that it's all about open source and open learning.

Just my humble offering to the discussion. Please don't think I'm discouraging yours by disagreeing with you. This is our community. Each and every one of us is free to contribute their ideas. MaNGOS is only as good as what we put into it.

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Pastebin is a good resource, but storing actual code in forum posts means not having it deleted when the time limit is reached and Pastebin auto-deletes items.

You win, LilleCarl! The blonde jokes sold me on the idea. :lol:

Of course, it's up to TheLuda and Salja, since they have to do the actual work of adding any features. If enough members want it, I think the Gnomes would consider it.

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