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Server seems stuck as private (localhost)?



I have the server working wonderfully (lich 3.3.5) source and UDB all installed and running on my machine (Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit) and can connect with the 3.3.5 1234 build of the WOW client but ONLY from this machine locally (running server and client on the same pc). Call this machine DESKTOP (

From this machine I can log all the way in, create characters and so on.

With the same client, I try connecting to via LAPTOP (exact same client) I get the realmlist, but once I select any realm and try to enter, it keeps me at the realms list page. The LAPTOP is on the same network (, and hardwired into the same router. I see the authorization succeed at the client side (as it brings me to the realm) and I see it on the realmd.

The realmd just doesn't seem to pass off the realm selection to the mangosd.

With full debug logging on, I see NO action on the mangosd when this remote LAPTOP selects a realm.

Is there some flag for letting non-localhost IPs connect? Where should I be looking?

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