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How Can I Delete A Portal? Help?

Guest uniozgur

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hi guys

i cant delete an object in server.

1 .targetobject

2 .then i am looking #guid

3 .delobject #guid

i tried many times but always gives mistake that >>>> Game Object (GUID:991) not found

i joined true guid no


What is problem?

Please help me!!!

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:D thank u for fast answering i delete it in data base

i have also problem i want to create some portals for main cities

but i have tried this way >>>>>

.addgo 176296 <--- portal to Stormwind

.addgo 176497 <--- portal to Ironforge

.addgo 176498 <--- portal to Darnassus

.addgo 176499 <--- portal to Ogrimmar

.addgo 176500 <--- portal to Thunder Buff

.addgo 176501 <--- portal to Undercity

.addgo 182352 <--- portal to Silvermoonu

.addgo 182351 <--- portal to Exodar

but these portals doesnt work (it said they are locked)

How can i unlock them for all player or do u know another way to make portals

Thank You

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