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ArcEmu 3.0.3 To Mangos 3.0.3

Guest nanouniko

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Hello, ^^!

Well, I have more than 800 Player Right Now in my server Arcemu, i have other server in Mangos 20-50 PLayers, off course Mangos is much better, i want transport all my players to my server Mangos,

is possible?

maybe somebody can make a script for that, transport accounts, player items, characteres, i think this is the most important.

Well, is all, if is necessary, i can pay for that.



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It works perfectly.

But seriously, you really need to know what you do and it will take a lot of time. Also you will need a lot of patience and need to try a lot before you have a finally good working converter.

So yes, it is possible but it need a lot of work and time. If you don't have a good database or any developers then don't do it if you like your ... "testers".

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