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Crossfaction BG's (Mix Alliance and Horde teams)

Guest LilleCarl_

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This project is about adding a configuration option to make MaNGOS battlegrounds able to mix factions. This is useful for debugging battlegrounds or if your testers just happen to love being a specific faction.


This branch will only feature crossfaction BG's

When/if this is finished, queue system will only be using both horde and alliance pools as one pool.

BG's will work as mangos intended, but you will be able to cap bases as opposite faction.


Nothing. Just test with a lot of people and see how it performs live.


Getting a fully working crossfaction BG patch into all mangos versions (mangos-one will be first prio as that is what i am developing on)


GitHub (newcrossfaction is branch name)


  • MaNGOS Team and previous members for the wonderful MaNGOS sourcecode
  • Trying to begin, doing some beginning work
  • Nethrak, for showing me Valhalla-Project
  • Tasssadar for Valhalla-Project

This is finished. Needs testing, then i hope we could push this into masters. As a useful feature for debugging bg's

- LilleCarl

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Did go pretty well, almost finished. But atm it is on ice, as almost everything with computers are for me at the moment. see github.com/lillecarl/server/tree/newmaster I think everything is in there!

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