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[READ ME FIRST!!] How To Post For Help

Unkle Nuke


Compiler giving you a string of errors?

Server won't start?

Break your database?

Can't figure out all those configuration settings?

Is your firewall or router blocking your server?

Whatever your trouble, you have hundreds of members to be your personal tech support, 24 hours a day, every day!

Welcome to Help And Suport!

Support questions and issues concerning code compilation, server errors, database trouble, and all the details concerning proper server operation are welcome here.

When you are posting, please limit yourself to these issues. Questions regarding actual server development, such as creating a patch or finding the right flags for your database entry should be posted in the proper server development section.

Questions regarding learning how to become a developer, like programming, core structure, database schemas, and script functions should be directed to MaNGOS University.

If you find an answer to your problem, please edit the title of your topic to include the tag, [solved!], as a prefix.

Using this tag allows other members, who have similar issues, to know a solution already exists.

Thank you for your attention. May you find what you seek! :)

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