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Web database for mangoszero



Does anyone know working web database (wowhead clone) based on aowow or something (FOR 1.12)?

Most of the aowow/udwbase branches I've tried either support wotlk only or search not working (no dropdowns)/browsing items not working (though npc browsing does).

If you do know, please post a link.

How it currently looks like with mangoszero/aowow branch:


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The aowow tool is not yet functional, there is need for a lot of fixes. Sadly I do not have the time to do this, and currently only supprt the zero tracker.

This is how far I have got so far, I am using Mangos Zero and AOWOW.


Anything under Database/ items do not show up :(

Any way to get these items to showup ?

I think I may be missing some of the sql entrys that are needed

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