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ScriptDev2 status update


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Hi everyone,

The ScriptDev2 Team has decided to do some changes recently.

From now on we will support all client versions directly. So you can easily access ScriptDev2 scripting for all clients at github.com/scriptdev2 repositories

ScriptDev2 Master (WotLK) repository

ScriptDev2 Cata repository

ScriptDev2 TBC repository

ScriptDev2 Classic repository

Also ACID is hosted at the same place on github, at

ACID (with branches for all clients)

The Announcement Thread is located on our forums! and you can also find us on IRC at #scriptdev2 on irc.rizon.net

@Moderators: Please do update the related lists here in the forum.

Finally, we strongly believe that it would be best to keep the discussions about script development on the www.scriptdev2.com forums.

Best regards,

Yours SD2-Team

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