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Unable to get to character screen

Guest krampf_


Finally got everything compiled, databases updated from wotlk to cat, extracted dbc, maps, vmaps, mmaps and mangosd and realmd start. Able to authenticate with my account, then get dropped the select a realm screen.

Here is what I have in my conf files:

mangosd.conf:BindIP = "mangos.mydomain.com"

realmd.conf:BindIP = "mangos.mydomain.com"

In the realmd database have address in the realmlist table set to mangos.mydomain.com

Pinging mangos.mydomain.com from the server and my pc on my network I get my private IP address. Pinging from the outside world, I get my routable address. Router/Firewall is forwarding TCP 3724 and 8085 (didn't change anything from when I had WotLK server running).

Can log in from my network and from the outside, but can't get to the character screen. Stuck on the window asking me to select my realm, which shows up, just not accessable.

Also patched wow.exe on the client with the mangos-tools/MaNGOSPatcher

Any help / ideas would be appreciated.

(as a drastic measure tried it with a new/fresh characters and realm database with no luck)

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