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Group Loot and Round Robin act as Free for All



Hi Guys,

I've searched through the forums but I couldn't find any mentions of this issue.

The issue is group loot and round robin are both acting the same as free for all looting (ie. the first player to loot the corpse gets everything, every time).

I'm running MaNGOS/0.17.0-DEV (* * Revision 12174 - *) for Win32 (little-endian)

Using World DB: UDB 0.12.2 (405) for MaNGOS 12111 with SD2 SQL for rev. 2712

Using creature EventAI: ACID 3.1.0 'Another Wild Adventure' - Full Release for CMaNGOS (3.3.5a Client)

Any ideas?

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I believe the group loot threshold kind of works, in the sense that you get a dialog and people have to roll for the item. At least on my MaNGOS One server. Note that I said kind of works because the rolling is often a bit buggy too (4 out of 5 people roll and suddenly the system decides to give it to the winner, before #5 even rolled, for instance).

The rest is simply not implemented as far as I know.

It bothers me too, and I actually started looking into the issues a few months ago. But as usual, time is my worst enemy and I often end up doing other things too, so this might take a good while to finish :P

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