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Client 4.3.4 / Cant start it without Launcher...

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It doesn't work for me.

I have deleted the updates folder

I have change my realmlist to

I have patch my wow.exe with the lasted patcher

When i start my wow.exe, it said i have a problem with my network.

The wow_backup start the launcher..

Edit: client works but when I'm connecting to my world, client stop at "Connected" and don't load the characters list

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check to see if your client directory has any of the update content downloaded and remove it. back when cata was released my client attempted to download a patch which i stopped in time but there were still update files in the client directory so even with my realmlist.wtf set to my server it was still trying to finish the update process.

Also try using wow.exe directly and not launcher.exe

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You could also change the second line in Realmlist.wtf to localhost so that it cannot connect to Blizzard's servers to download/install the update.

Additionally, try unchecking the box on the login screen that mentions the launcher. This will bypass the launcher and start up WoW.exe every time even if you used launcher.exe to load the game.

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