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People like this deserve nothing but death

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If anyone wanna read a fun conversation i had with this awesome bullshitter guy who thinks he can impress on me by telling me he does a lot of work.


I cannot understand why people are so obsessed with having their code closed source. It simply doesnt make sense, sure if customizations are kept private, but really.... blizzlike stuff etc.. Should really be kept open source until development is "done" (Never)

Lets extend this with: https://gist.github.com/3840030

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I was rather referring to tons of servers who claim to have a mangos developer on board, but actually have zero :D

Yeah i understood so ^^, But are there many servers using mangos? (For 3.3.5) Seems like all 1.12 are mangos, and maby 2.4.3 are mangos, but how is it with 3.3.5? And are there people using R2? ^^, Just curious :)

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Officially nobody uses mangos. Most servers will tell you

  • they forked mangos/trinity
  • from branch A/b/C/1337
  • backported thousands of fixes from unnamed other branches
  • and added tons of their own fixes to make their server blizzlike

When you ask them to give back to the community, since mangos/trinity/etc. is Open Source, they will usually reply

  • that their core was to heavily modified to backport
  • they would submit their fixes later when they have the time
  • their core is not mangos/trinity/etc. and not compatible at all
  • they are members of the mangos team and personal friends with theluda

And hell, it seems I heard those replies thousands of times, and have a friend on every public realm...

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