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Fresh Install of Cata (Master) 20,000+ Errors when starting

Guest Otlichno_


I feel like I've got to be missing something and I can't seem to find it in the forums. When I fire up the server it spews 10s of thousands of errors and there are numerous issues with game play in the server including missing NPCs, inability to use boats, zeplins, teleport portals, also all Cata items are missing. These are just a few of the errors my server is having.

Does anyone have an idea of what I am doing wrong?



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If you're using the MaNGOS Cataclysm Database, it's likely that these errors are coming as a result of the lack of content included at this time. Currently the Cataclysm database is in it's infancy and there is quite a bit of info missing.

EDIT: If you're looking to create a public realm for people to come and play on, I would recommend against using this DB. There aren't many options for a Cataclysm DB for MaNGOS at this time as far as I know, so it'll be a little difficult to put up a public realm. But if you're just setting up a small test server or something for you and a few friends to have a good time on, this should be ok for now.

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There are a few things I am learning. I got the Cata 4.3.4 server going and the database as well as the scripting need some helpful people to assist.

Remember, cataclysm changed the world and removed quests, especially in the newbie zones.

I'm just grateful that I can play WotLK without F'ing panda bears....

WoW is now WoKFP. Kill the lore, you kill the game.

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Oh Bummer, I guess I missed that Cata was not complete. This makes me a sad panda. (Get it, Panda ;))

Infancy, so won't be done for a long time I presume?

I wouldn't expect a fully functional Cataclysm database for several more months at the absolute earliest, if not longer. Since MoP has been released we are unable to pull content information from retail servers like we were with previous expansions. Because of this we have to rely on the information we can extract from client files and databases like wowhead.

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