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[Solved]Seal of Righteousness missing on Cata?



So, I got the Cata server up and running, and most stuff seems fine. I do have one question, though.

In my paladin's spell/skill book, Seal of Righteousness keeps telling me to visit my trainer. However, when I visit the paladin trainer in the starting area, he only has something like Judgement, Devotion Aura, Divine Protection and Blessing of Might available for "purchase".

Would this be something I managed to mess up, or is it something known to be the case for the Cata branch?

I should note that I grabbed UDB and Scriptdev2 from their respective SVN reps and not from the mangos git rep. Could this be the issue? I'm thinking of wiping the databases and starting most of it over with the versions from the mangos git rep, but do you think it would solve the problem?

Perhaps it would be more useful for me to install the WotLK branch instead? I was mostly grabbing Cata because the retail servers only let you use flying mounts outside of Outland if you have Cata, but I don't even know how much of that could be made to work in the WotLK branch, if mangos even has support for flying mounts at this point.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I didn't even realize I had to be logged on to see additional forum sections. Perhaps the answer is in there. I will check them out.

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