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[Solved!] Upgrade from mangos-one to mangos-wotlk...



Greetings! I hate for my first post to be a support question, but here goes nothing...

I've been using mangos-one for about a month now, and everything works great. No issues with the server at all.

Lately, some of my users (close friends) have been wanting to upgrade to WotLK. "No Problem!" or so I thought...

On my ESXi host, I created a new Server2003 box and setup a mangos-wotlk server from scratch, with the idea that once everybody obtained a 3.3.5a client, i'd kill the old realm, migrate the accounts, and bring up the new realm. Downtime of 10 minutes tops, it would seem.

My issue is: I don't know how to do this, at all. No amount of googling has got me anywhere. I've read every post on the new forums and archived forums even remotely related to what I am trying to do, but still can't figure it out. There's a program called CharImport floating around, which would seemingly do exactly what I want it to do, but it errors out (seemingly due to a difference in the columns being imported).

My last thought was to export the mangos-one database, and run all the database update scripts included in the sql/updates folder from the mangos-wotlk branch. I worked around with the realmd database (since it has the fewest update scripts) and actually got realmd to launch as a test.

Is there an easier way to do this, or is my best bet to run every script in the updates folder against my mangos-one db, then use CharImport to transfer them over?

My servers are both running Windows Server 2003, compiled both versions of mangos on VS2008 Express SP1, both running MySQL 5.5.28, using HeidiSQL to manage. Both servers are running latest revision of their mangos version. No custom additions to the database.

If anybody can point me in any helpful direction at all, it would be much appreciated! Thanks

Edit: Marked as solved.

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Nighoo, you are my hero. Exported mangos-one DB, ran all the updates to current, slapped in a mangos-wotlk "world" db and ran a dev server. pdumped the characters, transferred files, and loaded into live wotlk server. Only caveat is you have to edit the pdumps to remove the entry for "grantableLevels" left behind from the mangos-one database. The script didn't drop that one column out of the database. (also had to manually edit my character_db_version column to match the column requested in the s1099 update).

I had resorted to manually editing the pdumps, and it worked, but this was much easier!

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in your MaNGOS sql/tools directory you will find a sql-file called characters_convert_s1099_to_11391.sql. By applying this file to your database you should be able to upgrade you tables to the wotlk-format.

Please mind that this file was not updated for a long time (and I've missed to apply the pull request *hide*), so you might have to change some things on your own. (if so, please submit your changes)


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