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[Mangos Zero] No realms appearing in realm list



Hello everyone,

I am setting up a 1.12.1 server so that I can learn to code a lil with my friends.

I reinstalled my computer here the other day and I redownloaded the 1.12.1 client, acctually have tried with 3 different clients now on 2 seperate computers in the same house. Everytime I log into our server I log in fine but there are no servers on realm list. Everyone else can login fine except me

  • I have tried to restart my router, and my computer several times
    I have tried to delete the WTF and WDB folders
    I have tried to login through a VPN under a different IP address
    I have tried to edit the config file with a SET RealmName "servername" to try and get directly into the account but 1.12.1 doesnt allow this

If anyone could help me with this I would appreciate it.

Thank you.

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Just a post to say that I have temporarily found a work around for this issue, I had one of the people who could successfully log into the realm send me their config.wtf file and now I can go directly into the realm. Issue still happens though I will update when I know more.

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