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I was trying to figure out some stuff in Spell.dbc the other day, and stumbled over the tooltip field. It says something like

Gives your Fire spells a $s1% chance to not lose casting time when you take damage and reduces the threat caused by your Fire spells by $s2%.

After doing some google I am not entirely sure where the values for $s1 and $s2 come from - and there are more of these placeholders in there. Does anyone have info on this?


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I believe those values come from the data in the spell effects themselves, where the number (1, 2, ...) refers to the effect index (1 => Effect 0, 2 => Effect 1, etc). The $s<number> is what QSW calls "BasePoints" I think. And indeed, there are others like $d, $t<number>, $o<number> etc, which are probably in some other data fields in there :)

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