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[Wiki] Position of an object/npc

Guest kupix_


how do you get precise position of an npc/object i mean the numeric value?

some npc/mobs should move but they stay in place. i've been wandering if i could simulate their path and apply the position to the db, but how can i get it? is it possible to log it (eg to file)?

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I'll assume you know how to make an NPC move along a given path. Just in case you don't know yet, I'll quickly give a few pointers:

  • The path to follow is a series of points to walk to, put in the 'creature_movement(_template)' tables in your MaNGOS database.
  • Make sure to set the 'MovementType' in the 'creature(_template)' table to 2 (waypoint movement) so the waypoint data gets used.

In theory, you can start experimenting with the system now. If you know roughly where the NPC has to go, you could use a GM character, go stand where you want the NPC to go, and check the coordinates with the '.gps' command. Rinse and repeat for the entire path, put the data in the DB and you're set. That should allow for some experiments to get used to the system.

Now, some people consider this "good enough" or "better than nothing" when they don't have exact data (yet). But I don't, and I'd rather have no paths than fake ones :P So we need the real data, not something fake data that's (hopefully) just close. As far as I know, the only way to get the real data from the real servers, is to capture the packets while playing the real thing (usually called "sniffing" around here), and then analyze those packets to extract the exact coordinates, etc. Out of the box, the WoW client can't help you there at all, so you'll need other tools for that.

I can't tell you the best way to capture data, since - at least in theory - there's always a risk involved that your actions are detected and your account banned. Obviously I don't want to risk being stupid and tell you something that gets you banned afterwards! And to be honest, I simply don't know the best way either these days; I stopped doing that kind of things when 4.x was introduced and my own tools surely don't work anymore. But I'm sure someone else can give you a few pointers to get you started :)

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Generally the easiest way is if you already know their path. If they aren't moving when they should, check their Movement values in Creature and Creature_Template. They should also have waypoints setup. Typically I just walk the path myself and use the .gps command to get my coordinates and write it down. Then I take those point coordinates and add them as waypoints for the creature. The more points you have, the smoother the walk path will be.

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