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MangAdmin3.X Modify

Guest byeolpyo

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I rework some sources in MangAdmin3.X.

(1) Add Gryphon,Wind Rider riding point(include northland)

(2) NPC(creature) movement type set and manage so better..

Random waypoint variable data added..

waypoint view and manage several case..

GUID, Entry ID get..

mob spawn,del,go,emote...etc...


**(Append Fuction)**

* NPC(Mob) have 3 movement type.

* this is Idle, Random, WayPoint.


(1) [NPC GUID] -- NPC GUID(NPC(Mob) hve only one GUID) Get.

you select NPC and touch this button,

then GUID appear in right column and EntryID appear in right below.

(2) [NPC ADD] -- Add NPC in EntryID.

(3) [NPC GO] -- go to NPC in GUID.

(4) [WayAdd] -- add waypoint in GUID.

(5) [WayShow] -- show all waypoint in GUID

Upper button act with GUID.


(6) Mv Random -- NPC's movementtype set to Random in right Column(meter).

(7) NPC Stay -- NPC's movementtype set to Idle.

(8) Mv WayPt -- NPC's movementtype set to WayPoint.

(9) WayEndAdd -- Add NPC's WayPoint.

(10) WayAllDel -- Delete NPC's All WayPoint. then set to idle.

(11) WayShow1 -- NPC's WayPoint Show All.

(12) WayShow0 -- NPC's WayPoint don't Show anymore.

(13) WayMAdd -- WayPoint Insert in middle.

(14) WayMDel -- WayPoint Delete in middle.

(15) NPC Move -- NPC move to gm.

(16) NPC Del -- NPC delete.

(17) Show Moves -- Show NPC's movement Type.


here is the link.



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