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About phasing and vehicles

Guest AzraelTBC

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Hi Everyone,

Before I attempt anything with this, I'd like to know if there's anyone already working on it. I don't want to step on any toe, do any futile work or re-invent the wheel.

This is my thoughts on the two issues:

Phases - I think the gameobject character and creature tables needs an extra colomb, called phase for argument sake. it should contain a switch fro say, 0 - 4 and only players with the same phase can see it and only players on the same phase can see each other. and so its needs to be called in the world too.

Vehicles would need an extra colomb in the creature_template table with the value of the vehicle if it is indeed one, or 0 if not perhaps.

I'm just starting to look at it. But, thats my thoughts on it.

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about phases : I think there are two kind of phases :

- phased in/out GOs or NPCs which can only be seen by player having [not] accomplished a quest. for this kind of phase, a quest_phase field would be necessary (negative would indicate the unit/go is visible by player not having accomplished the quest)

- temporary phased players, which can only see phased go/units/players with the same phase, this would need a temp_phase field. how the player get the temp phase is to be determined (possibly by script)

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