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Needed disk space and other info?




I'm thinking about setting up mangos on a rented server,

and was wondering about the required disk space among other things.

The server I'm thinking about renting has a 40GB SSD,

2GB ram, 2 cpu cores and 3TB data transfer per month.

How many people can I expect to fit on that server?

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Plenty :)

Disk space wise you should be more than ok: vmaps are about 2 GB of data for a WoTLK server, maps/DBC about 0.5 GB. I'm not sure about mmaps, I still have them disabled at the moment. But those won't be a lot more, so setting up the server itself should easily be possible within 5 GB. Assuming the system itself also takes a mind blowing 25 GB (probably much less) that still leaves 10 GB for the databases. About 50 characters in my database being played for years take up a laughable few megabytes. So no worries there.

Bandwidth wise you're probably good too. Assuming a steady average of 5 KB/s for playing, the 3 TB a month limit gives you the bandwidth for 3 TB / (30 days * 8 hours/day * 3600 seconds/hour * 5 KB/s) = about 750 players assuming they play every single day of the month for 8 hours.

So I'd say that CPU and memory will be your limits, not your bandwidth and disk space. I'm not sure how much CPU/memory is required for hosting 750 players simultaneously... it's a few close friends only here :)

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add more ram like 16gb more ;) and would be fine for more then 1k

add another 40ssd disk and make raid 1 with it. will be even more faster

Dude, that would cost like $160 / month,

might be fine if I actually got a community up and running with donations etc.,

but I'm not gonna risk $160 / month just to test a server for a few months. :P

I'm happy with having like maybe 50 - 100 players,

mostly friends and aquintances,

would the server I'm renting be enough for that?

The reason for me wanting to rent a server is because I've had a server on my own computer a few times,

and each time the server simply stopped working,

even when I tried reinstalling everything,

I bloody hate windows when it comes to server stuff.

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