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Guest Korbis

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So today is patch day on all servers. I read a post earlier about how 3.0.8 won't be supported until it is out on the EU servers. I went to check, at Blizzard's website, they say the patch is released to EU already.

So here is my question. How long before we will have support or a new code to compile in order to support 3.0.8. I don't want to be offensive, I am just curious. I just got my server up and running last night, and now I can't log into it :)

Anyway, thanks for the speedy responses.

My 2 Cents,


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if your refering to my comments on the last time this was asked, i DID NOT say it would be supported when it was released in the EU, i said that it WAS NOT YET released in the EU (and it isnt till tomorrow).

It wil lbe supported when its supported, as simple as that.

so, PLEASE, can we make this the last time this pointless question is asked. Just keep an eye on the announcements forum, you will know when 3.0.8 is supported.

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