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[Two] Quest: The Kessel Run

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I am very lost. I have found a bugged quest and am trying to go through the sql database to try and figure out why the quest is not working properly.

The Kessel Run (Quest ID 9663) is dysfunctional. I got it from the right person, the right text is displayed, the right timer and ever the right induction spell, getting Kessel's Mount. My problem is that I am suppose to warn the High Chief Stillpine at Stillpine Hold, Exarch Menelaous at Azure Watch and Admiral Odesyus at Odesyus' Landing. The problem that I am encountering is this: I can warn everyone on the list, but the quest does not accept my right-clicking on the CHief, Exarch or Admiral. They say thank you for the reward and the quest does not accept it. It still says 0/1 for each of the people I am to warn.

What am I missing? Is there something I need to check out in the dbc files or something? I would hate to think that I have to find some way to track this clear back into the client itself or something. Or even going through all the sourcecode to the core of Mangos. Ewe.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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