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Security Levels: 0 - 4

Guest PunKeD_GuRu

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woulden't it be possible to set a level higher than 4 also?

It will same as 4, and 4 level meaning: allowed only from mangosd console.

For adding new levels you need modify


enum AccountTypes
   SEC_PLAYER         = 0,
   SEC_MODERATOR      = 1,
   SEC_GAMEMASTER     = 2,
   SEC_CONSOLE        = 4                                  // must be always last in list, accounts must have less security level always also

2) update `command` table and some options setting to new values for std. case (for example if admin now 5 then need update from 3 -> 5, etc

3) carefully check code where SEC_* constants used in checks to add support and update checks for new levels.

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