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Adding scripting to the core


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Before the ddos-attacks there was some talking about implementing LUA or some other kind of scripting language into the core to make it more accessible with scripting and ease the way things can be fixed. Not having to learn c++ and understand how all things go together in there would certainly make life easier for those who wish to contribute and help.

The thought then was that LUA was going to be implemented and Salja had started a little work on this and it doesn't seem totally impossible to do. The thing is, is this what the community wants? Is someone opposed to this for any reason? Should we go with another language? Why? All ideas are welcome!

What i can say about LUA is that it seems very nice to interact with and use both from a developers perspective (as in writing the API between the core and LUA scripts) and the users who will actually write scripts. Also it seems to be used for other games including WoW itself for addon development.

Share your ideas, thoughts and comments!

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