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[Zero] Karazhan Map Extraction Error



Long time lurker, first time poster, so please forgive any unknowledgeable questions. :)

I've successfully performed everything to compile, establish, and run a Zero server (been tooling around with GM commands - quite fun modifying model scale ;D), but have been reviewing all of the logs involved in the process so far and came across a particular oddity in the log file for extracted assets:

Extracting World\wmo\Dungeon\AZ_Karazahn\Karazhan.wmo
No such file World\wmo\Dungeon\AZ_Karazahn\Karazhan.wmo.
Couldn't open RootWmo!!!
Extracting World\wmo\Dungeon\AZ_Karazahn\Karazhan.wmo
Extracting World\wmo\Dungeon\AZ_StormwindPrisons\StormwindJail.wmo

What am I missing here? The directory from which the WMO data is being extracted is misspelled (Karazahn versus Karazhan) and I cannot access the Karazhan dungeon instance. Minding, though, that this is a vanilla run of WoW, was Karazhan even a playable instance in this version of the game (or was it only included in TBC)? Further, the extraction looks like it attempts the data again and succeeds, as it passes directly on to the Stormwind Prison data. Is this even something I should be worried about?

Thanks a bunch for any insight anyone has to offer! I tend to be fairly meticulous about these things, so I just want to make sure I didn't screw something up on this.

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Welcome! :)

You have probably not screwed anything up as Karazhan wasn't a playable instance in vanilla wow although you could use some exploit to get in there and have a look around iirc, but then it wasn't in an instance, you'd rather just go through the wall to get in there. So this shouldn't be a problem at all :)

If you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask them!

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