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Build tests on Coverity

Guest TheLuda

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as of this week, mangos zero builds will now be run through the Coverity Scan service. This service provides free static analysis for open source projects, and helps us in finding common and not so common code defects, e.g. causes for segfaults, missing checks for NULL pointers, etc.

If you want to help out, lookup mangos zero on the Coverity projects page, and request an invite.

This service is free, and the defects found usually are easy to fix, most require a few minutes of work, and only a selected few will require more than an hour of work.

The team has actively started using this service, and we slowly work through the issues found.

With kind regards,


Discussion topic - [iurl=http://community.getmangos.eu/index.php?topic=19806.0]http://community.getmangos.eu/index.php?topic=19806.0[/iurl]

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