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Hello to everyone!!!


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I call myself SWATim (Oh my god, it is so a long story), just call me that way^^

I just wanted to make a small project with mangos and a few friends. And yeah now we tested some versions and also have some problems not only with mangos^^

So I started to ask a few questions here and try to fix some problems by my own.

Also I try to help and assist the community so i post my fixes also in the forums

And a really big thank you to TheLuda for helping that much!

To my person

I do an apprenticeship as a softwaredeveloper and I am coding some websites for me and friends.

I live in Germany (also kann mich auch jeder in Deutsch ansprechen|So everyone can write to me in german)

My hobbies:

-> being a DJ

-> programming some stuff

-> ride bike

-> and playing some games on PC, XBox and sometimes with friends Wii (U)

I hope in future I can help mangos community a bit more and also I get help^^ (even if I am a bit stupid because of missunderstandings :o)

you can go to my fixes when you click the right link in my signature below


Right \/ here

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