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Getting X revision + patch using git

Guest peluche

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Hello people, I want to usen old mangos rev + arena patch for that version, how I do that ?

The version I want to use is MANGOS 0.10.5 RELEASE (post rev6928) git sha ID a5a070237

and I want to apply on that rev the anti cheat patch (git://github.com/CWN/mangos.git speed_cheat_fix)...

So.. how do I get MANGOS 0.12 RELEASE (a5a070237) + ANTI CHEAT PATCH from GIT ready to compile ?

I am using linux, so please teach me with command lines. I only need help doing that with GIT, nothing else.

I have been trying all day, my brain hurts...

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git checkout -b yourbranchname shaID (branchname is mangos-0.12 ithink)


git merge (branch name of anticheat branch)

and then

git apply path/to/patch (for arena patch)

May need adjusting in order of commands. If you need to resolve stuff use "git diff" to see conflicts

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you don't need an old revision. for the 2.4.3 version there's a branch.

use this command after using git-clone:

git checkout -b 243 origin/mangos-0.12

this will create you a LOCAL branch which points to the REMOTE branch.

to update it use this command:

git pull origin mangos-0.12

and to apply your patch:

git apply path/to/patch

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