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Things you can do to make your bug reports shine!

Guest TheLuda

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in order to allow us to reply and resolve the bugs you report, we would like to describe a few hints what you can and should check before reporting a bug.

Before you post a bug

[li]Check the github issue trackers for the mangos version you are running: https://github.com/mangoszero, https://github.com/mangosone, https://github.com/mangostwo, https://github.com/mangosthree, and https://github.com/mangosfour all have issue trackers for the server, the script library, and the database. Is your bug listed there, and probably already resolved? Or if not can you contribute your information to an existing bug report?[/li]

[li]Is it a bug? Check sources such as http://wowpedia.org/, http://www.wowhead.com/. Those sites usually describe game features very well, either through documentation or user comments, and also allow you to see if a feature was changed in a WoW version.[/li]

[li]Have you tried to resolve the issue yourself? Some issues like database upgrades or compilation issues can be resolved by yourself with a little bit of attention to detail. E.g. for database issues the server tells you if you need an update and which one it is. Trying to solve it yourself may be a valuable learning experience.[/li]

[li]Which version do you use? In common, for any bug report it helps us tremendously to know which git revision you use. That means: we need to know the server, scripts, and database git revision. Without that, it's like searching for a needle in the haystack for us, and thus will greatly increase the time you have to wait before we can actually reply to your bug report.[/li]

[li]Which operating system is it? For anything not database related we need to know which operating system you run. Without that, we can not reply with any instructions, since they are different for each system.[/li]

With that being said, thank your for taking the time to research a bit before you report a bug. You will notice, your reports will receive much better answers if you follow these suggestions.

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