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[Zero] A Question About Stats



While tinkering around with the stat_type and stat_value fields under the item_template table, I found that mangos will only interpret values 0 through 7 in the stat_type field. Anything above that and mangos spits our the error "Item (Entry: X) has wrong stat_typeY (Z)" where:

  • [li]X is the item entry number[/li]
    [li]Y is the stat_type field number[/li]
    [li]Z is the value entered into the stat_type field[/li]

For instance, I tried this with the value of 36 (spell haste) in stat_type1 (value of 50 in stat_value1) for item 56 (Apprentice's Robe) and mangos spat out the above error (printed as "Item (Entry: 56) has wrong stat_type1 (36)"). Anyone have any idea why it might be encountering issues with stats outside the basic ones (intellect, agility, etc)? The item loads fine in the game, just without whatever "invalid" stats were placed on it; "valid" stats, such as stamina and spirit, load just fine, however.

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Okay, so part of the issue was that I lack basic reasoning and investigative skills. :P

After digging into player.cpp for [zero], only the basic stats are listed (stamina, agility, etc.); this explains why none of the upper level stats were applying properly. I've also brought up an instance on [one] for experimenting with and found in its player.cpp file that most of the upper stats do exist, though nothing beyond haste and expertise, leaving out things like spell power. I'm pretty sure spell power as a stat existed in TBC with respect to certain items (affecting healing spells and the like), but now I'm slightly more confused. Have stats like spell power, attack power, and armor penetration been undeveloped in [one] or am I nuts and they really didn't exist until WotLK? I've checked [two]'s player.cpp and the final six or seven stat types are present there, which has me scratching my head a little. If they didn't exist in TBC, how did items with the "of the Healer" suffix amplify healing spells or "of the Crusader/Sorcerer" amplify damage and healing? For reference to these item types, see: http://www.wowwiki.com/Spell_power.

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