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Death Coil (Death Knight)

Guest ChanF07

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To make Death Coil work, someone has to code an exception for the spells (52375, 49892-49895)

The spell has an Attack Power coefficient of 0.15 (On a side note should someone create a generalized modification for death knights so their abilities scale with ap?)

All the spells proc a SPELL_EFFECT DUMMY which is currently not catched (Ithink)

Main problem for spell is that this spell does damage against unfriendly targets but does healing on friendly undead targets.

I have an idea on how to code the friend or foe selection but what I lack is some way to convert that result into damage or healing.

so far I plan on using something like this:

if (unitTarget && unitTarget->GetTypeId() == TYPEID_UNIT && unitTarget->IsHostileTo(m_caster))

to determine if a target is hostile and a variation of it to determine if a target is friendly.

Also on a related note does anyone know how to find the Spellfamily and spellfamily flags of spells?

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