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Help with SpellFamilyFlags

Guest ChanF07

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I have problem in how the values in column 212 and 213 in spell.dbc are transformed into SpellFamilyFlags.

I know it has something to do with dec->hex shifting but I don't understand the LL at the end of some flags and why there are 0's before some and not others.

For example, Death Coil has the entries 8192, 0 in rows 212 and 213 respectively (I'll stick to this format for values) and a SpellFamilyFlags 0x002000LL. I know that 8192 is 2000 in hex; but how does the 00 fit in and are the LL just place holders to indicate the lower byte?

Another example would be Shaman Rockbiter Weapon; It has a SpellFamilyFlags of 0x400000 and values in the dbc of 4194304,0. 4194304 in hex is 400000 but how come no 00 are fitted into the flags? And does the LL need to be there to indicate the lower byte, if indeed it indicates the lower byte?

Thanks for any help!

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