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Battlegroundqueue: display average waiting time

Guest balrok

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like the topic said, this patch should implement displaying the average waiting time for battlegrounds (if you move with your mouse over the symbol you got after queuing to a bg, it should display a time, if a time is calculatable)

also i tried to implement, that the time, how long a bg is running should be displayed in pvp-statistics-screen, but this didn't work yet (the packet is now sent right, but i think, the client expects it in another order)

cause my computer has problems again, it would be nice if someone can test the patch..

the patch can be found in my gitrepo:


in branch


and should work with master and mangos-0.12 (but i only made a compile-test with master)

ps: maybe someone has a good idea how to calculate the average waiting time currently it's done this way:

loop through all queued players count them for each faction and accumulate the waiting time to waiting_time_alliance and waiting_time_horde

then look, which team has the fewest members - at 0 return unknown_waittime

at all other values return waiting_time_[faction]/playercount[faction]

if someone has a better idea, or even know how this is done on official, i'm open for discussion

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