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battleground commands

Guest balrok

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i've written a patch wich adds 3 commands for battlegrounds..

they are:

bg update
   Syntax: .bg update Seconds\\r\\n\\r\\nThe current battleground where
   you are in, gets an "BattleGround::Update"-call with x-seconds as diff
   specified.. so a .bg update 120 at the beginning, will let your bg instantly
bg end
   Syntax .bg end Winner\\r\\n\\r\\nThe current battleground where you are
   in, gets ended with a Winner specified by you: Winnner=0->Horde,
bg list
   Syntax .bg list\\r\\n\\r\\nLists all current open Battlegrounds and
   arenas - with some information about them

if someone has other (reasonable) ideas for battleground-commands, please post them here - actually i have no idea what can be helpfull too..

the patch can be found in:


in branch bg_commands

or at:


this patch works for mangos-0.12 and master.. there are just some mergeconflicts with -0.12 but easy to solve..

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bg list

You can add new shift-link support with bg instance id as data and then added to 'bg end' support for using this shift-link.

If you will have bg instance id output/shift link then you can for example

.bg tele bg-link_or_id for tele not to specific character but to specific bg...

Also maybe in like case good rename .debug bg to .bg debug... ?

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ok i've pushed a new bg_commands version (you maybe have to pull -f, cause i recreateded this branch)

changes are:

.debug bg/arena is now .bg debg and .bg debugarena

.bg create is available (look in the log for syntax)

.bg join

shiftlinks for battlegrounds

cause i'm not at home yet, i couldn't test it - at least it compiles ;)

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so now i could test if this patch doesn't crash and fixed many things ^^

but now it looks quite good

its also possible now to create and join into a bg

.bg create 1 2 - will create alterac valley bg for levelrange 61-70 (currently not correct displayed, but this is not the problem of this patch)

.bg join [shift-link of the above output] lets you then join the bg

or .bg end 2 [shift-link] lets you stop this bg

i think bg create and bg join are a bit hacky yet and maybe you can let your server crash somehow with this - but for short testings, it was ok..

if someone has problems with them please post here and try to describe as exactly as possible, what you've done.

also if someone has other ideas which bg commands are needed, post it here too


edit newest version is now in bg_commands2

changes are: normalization of commands-sql, move .debug arena back on its place :) added a nice color for the shiftlinks :)

the bglist command shows now arenateamname and arenateamrating for arenas

new parameter for .bg join, you now can specify your team too (but i think i missuse it at the moment)

i also added some ideas to .bg join - which i think i won't implement

and .bg join/.bg create are still experimental

- i will create an extracommit for both commands so that another dev can decide if those commands should go to core or not..

i won't develop more on those commands.. (yet)

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