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creating a vendor comparable to Yrma on the isle of quel'danas

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i became a trial gm on our server recently and am pretty much a complete newbie when it comes to scripting and such, however as i cannot access the DB right now as our head admin is busy in real life i figured i could search for a solution to one of the things requested on our servers forum by myself. as the servers community is still rather small and the battlegrounds scene is still slowly starting to grow we want to give our player the option to purchase the for now unobtainable [Alterac Valley Mark of Honor] due to a vendor trade comparable to how the vendor Yrma on the isle of quel'danas works ( http://www.wowhead.com/?npc=25977 ).

my guess is that changing the item IDs/values of the sunwell drop and the sunmote with an amount of warsong gulch marks and a boj would pretty much do alrdy. obviously the vendors name, location and looks would be changed as well but that isnt really an issue.

but as i cannot find the scripts for this or a comparable vendor and see if my theory would actually work out / start workin on it myself i came here to search for help. i would very much appreciate if anybody could first of all of course tell me their thoughts about this and if possible maybe link or post this vendors script ( Yrma ) to allow me to start workin on it, would as well help me getting to know the scripts built and everything

hoping to have somene lend me a hand, cheers

(excuse my language, the germans here )

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